HR Basics

For the small business owner that knows having the right employee paperwork on record is important, but you aren’t sure where to start and what really matters. Having the documents for your team can effectively help to limit liability and get your HR foundation started.

Pre-Employment/Hiring Documents

  • Employment Application
  • Reference Check Form
  • Samples Interview Questions
  • Sample Offer Letter/Terms of Employment

Employee Management Documents

  • Required Policies (templates)
  • Corrective Action Form
  • Job Description Template
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Request Form
  • Sample Performance Evaluation Form

New Hire & Employee Documents

  • New Employee Checklist
  • Company Property Agreement
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Emergency Contacts Form
  • Federal Form 1-9
  • Federal Tax Form W4

Termination of Employment

  • Confirmation of Resignation
  • Separation Checklist
  • Detailed Guide on how to use the documents included in the HR Document Starter Package
  • Up to 30-minute complimentary phone consultation

Remote Workforce

After 2020, the world has changed how it feels about working-from-home. It really can work, we have proven it. Whether your workforce is fully remote or flexible with a mix of remote and workplace employees, HR support is different for remote teams than it is for traditional in-office teams. The goal here is to consult on:

  • Compliance
  • Employee Communication
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Recruiting
  • Separation of employment specifically for a remote environment

Employee Relations (ER)

The relationship between employers and employees is extremely important. ER is a crucial factor when it comes to overall organizational performance. Why? Because good employee relationship management translates into increased employee wellbeing (and performance). And, since employees are the center of any organization, you want to make sure that both employer-employee and cross-employee relations are well-maintained.

These are examples of ER issues small business owners face that we can help come up with a communication and expectations plan for:

  • Employees that are constantly late for meetings or work
  • Employees that aren’t communicating with management proactively about what they are doing
  • Excessive unplanned absences from work
  • Employees that have Insufficient skills for their role
  • Employees that work from home and aren’t available as they should be
  • Employees that get into disputes with co-workers frequently and cause disruptions

Custom HR Needs

Every small business is different and so are their HR needs. Working with you to create an HR support package that outsources only the portions of the HR function that you want help with is the goal here.

Regardless of how little or much HR support you may need, let’s talk about your challenges.