HR Basics

For the small business owner that knows having the right employee paperwork on record is important, but you aren’t sure where to start and what really matters.

• Pre-Employment/Hiring Documents

• New Hire & Employee Documents

• Employee Management Documents

• Termination of Employment Documents

• And more

Remote Workforce

Whether your workforce is fully remote or flexible, HR support is different for remote teams than it is for traditional in-office teams. We consult on the following:


• Employee Communication

HRIS/Technology needs


• Performance Management

• Recruiting

• Separation of employment specifically for a remote environment

• And more

Employee Relations (ER)

Good employee relationship management translates into increased employee wellbeing (and performance). The following are examples of ER issues small business owners face that we can help come up with a plan for.

• Employees that are constantly late for meetings or work

• Teams that need to communicate better to meet business goals

• When your once superstar employee stops being a superstar

• And more

Welcome to Merrimack River HR

The focus here is on small businesses because they often have little to no HR support, and do not always know who to turn to. It isn’t uncommon for small businesses to fall behind when it comes to essential HR functions like hiring, separation of employment, making policy updates, and managing employee relations. This is understandable because often it’s simply too difficult to keep up with evolving HR requirements and run a small business effectively. That is where Merrimack River HR can help by getting small businesses in compliance and staying in compliance, by providing a variety of HR solutions.

HR Solutions for Various Industries

Professional Services
Real Estate